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Fin-Nor About Us

and Beyond

Fin-Nor has revolutionized the world of sport fishing since the invention of the first truly capable big game saltwater reel in 1936.

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The Beginning

It all started in a machine shop in Miami, Florida, with a fishing reel born of necessity.

The country was emerging from the Great Depression and newspapers around the country captured the imagination of the world with romantic tales of adventurous captains and anglers who were hooking fish that they just couldn't land. The fish either spooled them, sounded so deep that they were never seen, or were devoured by sharks, with mutilated heads being all that made it over the gunwales.

Fredrick Martin Grieten, who ran the Finley-Norwood machine shop in Miami, was a humble but uniquely skilled boat mechanic. The most prolific, pioneering saltwater captains of the time sought him and worked alongside him to design the reel that would change the world, with a drag that could finally bring the fight to any fish.

This reel is just one of thousands Fin-Nor made, but it represents so much more. The search for the unattainable, and the courage to find it. Big fish in wild places in fisheries yet to be named. The legacy of this company is not defined by the industry-best drag of revolutionary durability, but by the community of people who have their names etched on the side in the pursuit of something so much bigger than just fish.

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Our Values

Daring Loyal Visionary

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Our Mission

  • To give sportsmen and women the tools to explore beneath and beyond without limit

  • To protect, preserve & celebrate the fish we love and the waters in which they swim

  • To never rest, to keep exploring and inspiring others to join our community of adventurers.

Our History

Today, we celebrate the past by looking forward. We honor the fishing icons who have helped forge Fin-Nor’s story. And welcome captains, anglers, and saltwater adventurers, who together venture bravely into the beyond without knowing what awaits, armed with the endless desire to find out.

  • 1920s

    Arriving in Miami as a newly discharged Navy veteran seeking his way in the world, would-be legendary captain Tom Gifford.

  • 1930s

    Regularly spooled by fish that appeared to be impossible to catch, a motivated group of saltwater captains and anglers begin work on inventing a reel that would change the face of fishing forever.

  • 1936

    On June 25, 1936 in Miami, Frederick Martin Grieten applied for a patent for the first Fin-Nor fishing reel.

  • 1960-1980

    The legend grows as records fall around the world to anglers wielding Fin-Nor reels.

  • 1990s

    The Fin-Nor Marquesa becomes a gold standard in conventional fishing reels, as evidenced by its acceptance by captains worldwide who insist on fishing it when tackling big-game saltwater fish.

  • 2022

    Fin-Nor returns to its roots as a company dedicated to providing pioneering anglers and captains the tools to bring the fight to any fish.