Care & Cleaning

Lenses:  Begin by rinsing lenses in clean, warm water.  It is ok to use a few drops of mild dish soap but avoid cleaning chemicals as they can potentially damage the lens.  Wipe the lenses dry with FIN-NOR microfibre lens cleaning cloth.  Make sure the cloth is clean and free of dirt and debris, which can scratch lenses.  Rub lenses with clean microfibre cloth in circular motion until dry.

Frames:  Use the same steps to clean the frame, except do not use the FIN-NOR microfibre lens cleaning cloth.  Instead, use a clean towel or other soft, non-abrasive fabric to clean and dry the frames.

Sunglasses:  To best protect your FIN-NOR sunglasses, always keep in FIN-NOR case when not wearing your sunglasses.  Do not leave sunglasses in vehicle or watercraft when not in use.